About Us

Marian Murray is the Director of Canine Comfort Pty Ltd, Australian Distributor for Fit Fur Life Ltd (UK) Dog Treadmills and FitPAWS® (U.S.A.) Canine Conditioning Equipment.

Marian has a longstanding and passionate relationship with dogs, having spent most of her life with dogs at home and working with them professionally for the past 9 years. This initially began with Marian’s own Dog Walking and Home Care Service which soon developed into a much deeper involvement with her clients’ needs. This inevitably led to her wanting to contribute yet more to both the physical and mental wellbeing of her four legged friends.

In early 2006 Marian returned to the UK to qualify as an accredited Canine Hydrotherapist for Rehabilitation and during that time worked at one of England’s leading Canine Hydrotherapy Centres. This period was inspirational and reinforced her desire to assist in providing the best quality of life possible for all dogs great and small.

Marian is continuing her education by currently undertaking an Animal Science Degree (BAnSc) with a major in Canine and Equine Science.








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