Fit Fur Life Dog Treadmills


Rehabilitation - Training - Excercise

For Veterinary Surgeons, Breeders, Kennels and Owners, Dog Treadmills include:

  • Robust Design

  • Safety Features

  • Fine Speed Control

  • Incline Feature

  • Unique Decline Feature

  • Simple Controls

  • Low Maintenance

  • Warranty


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Human treadmills are designed for upright humans, Fit Fur Life dog treadmills have been specifically designed for dogs. The following information has been provided by Fit Fur Life Ltd.

  • Most human treadmills are not long enough for medium & large dogs which results in them shortening their gait.
  • Human treadmills usually have suspension at the front of the treadmill which means the front and rear legs of the dogs are effectively on different surfaces. This can be detrimental to the dog by throwing its spine out of normal alignment.
  • Human treadmills do no have side guardrails and dogs that are afraid of falling off will develop an abnormal gait.
  • Most human treadmills start at a higher speed than Fit Fur Life treadmills which discourages timid dogs and does not provide the gentle exercise required after operations.
  • Unlike many human treadmills Fit Fur Life treadmills are open fronted. Most dogs don’t like running at structures! The open front also allows for gentle introduction doing ‘walk-throughs’ to build confidence.


Fit Fur Life dog treadmills are the result of extensive and detailed consultation with Veterinary Surgeons and have been specifically designed to provide a finely controlled environment for:

  1. Faster post-operative rehabilitation
  2. Improved post-operative end results
  3. Obesity Control
  4. Pre-Show conditioning
  5. Increased Agility through the strengthening & building of muscle tissue
  6. Improved circulation from a controlled cardio vascular workout

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